Marrakech Forum: Abou El-Enein Highlights ‘Critical’ Role of National Parliaments

Egypt’s Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein highlighted that the south enjoys wealth, capabilities and resources that must be invested.

Addressing the opening session of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf Economic Forum hosted in Marrakech, Abou El-Enein stressed that North Africa can build a link between the north and the south, noting that this will only happen by re-forming the partnership system to solve the problems, and provide answers for delaying the implementation of previous ambitions.

Furthermore, Parliament Deputy Speaker ,who holds the position of Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, underlined the importance of developing a strategy with clear programs that everyone adheres to, expressing hope that this forum will be an opportunity to start the actual implementation of “ambitious” programmes.

Moreover, Abou El-Enein shedlight on the fundamental role of education, technology, and cooperation to balance the exports and imports between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

He also highlighted the critical role of national parliaments in implementing relevant policies involving industry and the respect of human rights.