Eleventh Convoy of “Cover & Wellness ” Reached People of Al-Dabiya Village, Ismailia, with Participation of Abou El-Enein Charitable Foundation, National Action Alliance

This morning, the eleventh convoy of Satre we Afiah (Cover & Wellness ) convoys that  traveled through the governorates of Egypt, north, and south, to provide support and assistance to the people in villages and hamlets,  kicked off with the participation of the Aboul Enein Charitable Foundation and the National Alliance for Civil Development Action.

The initiative of the “Cover and Wellness” convoys comes in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support the most deserving and vulnerable groups, and in line with the efforts of the National Alliance for Civil Development Action, in accordance with the alliance’s civil protection plan, which was developed to provide the essential support to the neediest families in all governorates of the country to reduce the burden on them as well as mitigating the negative effects of the global economic crisis, contributing to achieving sustainable development goals in all fields in the aid of the various Egyptian state agencies in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The convoys provide a variety of services to citizens, including a medical convoy that includes many specialties for detection, treatment, follow-up, measurement of medical glasses, pressure, and diabetes, as well as the installation of compensatory devices for people with special needs, in addition to awareness campaigns with the integrated services card for people of determination, early detection of breast cancer, reproductive health, and family planning services. Awareness program for children.

 The convoy also includes a door-to-door campaign to distribute foodstuffs, meat, and blankets as part of the Winter Warmth Campaign from the alliance institutions, in addition to holding an exhibition of clothes at reduced prices and other activities in addition, the convoy is interested in the aspect of economic empowerment represented in financing some projects and helping to establish others.

The convoy includes more than 2,000 volunteers, employees, and executives.

The National Coalition for Civil Development Action had launched the first comprehensive convoy of the alliance in Sohag Governorate, some 700 km south of Cairo, which came under the slogan “Cover and Wellness 1” in the village of Awlad Aliouh in the Al-Balina District, in Sohag Governorate.

Also, the “Cover and Wellness 2” convoy was launched in the Kafr Shebin village in the Qalyubia Governorate, while the “Cover and Wellness 2” convoy targeted the residents of the village of Al-Blida, Al-Ayyat District, Giza Governorate. The convoy of “Satr and Afia 4” arrived in the village of Al-Qasha, which is affiliated with the Burullus District in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, and the convoy of “Satra and Afia 5” arrived in the village of Kafr Hegazy, which is affiliated with the center of Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra in the Gharbia Governorate to help people in the village of Al-Hassas, which is affiliated with the Sherbin District, in the Dakahlia Governorate.

 The eighth convoy arrived in the village of Ulaila, which is affiliated with the Mit Ghamr District in the Dakahlia Governorate, while the ninth and tenth convoys were carried out in the villages of Tuwairat and Dandara in the Qena Governorate.

It is worth noting that the Aboul Enein Charitable Foundation is a self-financed foundation that does not accept donations.

It was founded by Representative Mohamed Aboul Enein 40 years ago to serve the people of Egypt everywhere.