Abou El-Enein Meets Pelosi on Sidelines of COP27

Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein met on Friday, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House on the sidelines of the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (COP 27)

Abou El-Enein expressed his sincere gratitude to Pelosi for attending the conference directly after she praised the level of hosting of the international event.

Pelosi stressed the depth of the relations that bring together the Egyptian and American House of Representatives, as she used to meet with Abou El-Enein when he was head of the Energy and Industry Committee in the parliament, or when he served as the head of the Housing and Utilities Committee, as well as the honorary president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).

Pelosi made history in 2007 when she was elected as the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives. Pelosi made history again in January 2019 when she regained her position second only to the presidency, the first person to do so in more than six decades.

 Political analysts suggested that House Speaker will continue in the “leadership seat”, after the Democrats achieved a better than expected performance in the US midterm elections.

Democrats avoided the “red wave” expected of Republicans in the midterms, although the final race has not yet been decided.

The strong electoral performance of President Joe Biden’s party during the re-election race blew up months of Democrats’ preparations for a post-Pelosi world.

House Speaker Pelosi is more likely to remain in the driving seat, when it comes to her future and the future of House Democrats, given the amazing turn of events.


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Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein meets U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the sidelines of COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Nov., 11, 2022, Photo Credit, See.