American University honors Mohamed Abou El-Enein in recognition of his social role

Yesterday evening, at a grand ceremony in Ewart Hall, The American University in Cairo: Management, professors and students, honored Mohamed Abou El-Enein, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Energy and President of Abou El-Enein Social Organization in recognition of the social role and distinct contributions.


Dr. Mohammad Dabbour, the co-Dean of the University and the Director of the Center for Student Development, declared that Abou El-Enein Organization will bear the costs of operations for all cases (totaling 57 cases) nominated by Al-Nour and Amal Institute, in addition to the 10 heart-open operations for children. Operations shall be conducted in Al-Maghrabi and Pediatric hospitals.


Mamdouh Al-Rashidi, a member of the Rotary Club, DC announced that MP Abou El-Enein decided to honor outstanding talents in the choir and orchestra of Al-Nour and Amal Institute for their outstanding performance in Egypt and all countries of the world. They have brought happiness to all who heard them. Abou El-Enein gave Al-Nour and Amal students, who participated in the ceremony, EP 100 thousand.


Abu El-Enein wished that there would be a campaign, which might cove all of Egypt to eradicate ophthalmic diseases, and to care for the blind, noting that the private sector, universities and civil society should participate in this campaign. He pointed out that businessmen would support this campaign. He stressed that it would be the happiest moment of his life to see the blind have received the blessing of sight.


He added that he has started with his constituency in south of Giza, appealing to all cases of blindness to go the Organization for check up by senior physicians. The Organization is ready to shoulder the costs of any operation that would restore sight to each blind. He pointed out that the Organization has the first magazine for the blind in Egypt and the Middle East, which fully edited in Braille method. The Organization has also set up a library for the blind children in Giza.


The ceremony had started with a music choir performed by the students of Al-Nour and Amal Institute followed by classical concerts. There were more than 1000 attendees of professors and students.