Abou El Enein: Egypt Pursues Construction, Development Path

Parliament deputy speaker Mohamed Abou El Enein praised on Tuesday that the parliament for its role in Egypt’s parliamentary history.

Abou El Enein expressed, during the plenary session, his appreciation to the Speaker of Parliament, saying: “A prominent legal scholars, Counselor Hanafi Jabali, praising his role in managing the legislative institution in Egypt. “ I congratulate you on this wise leadership and all the activities and achievements during this parliamentary session.”

He stressed that Egypt is now respected and appreciated by all countries of the world, saluting president El Sisi who overcome the challenges to declare the second republic, noting that the Parliament had a role in drawing up legislations, pointing out that the government has made good achievements in all activities and sectors.

 The Parliament deputy speaker pointed out that the parliament succeeded in achieving the added value for Egypt through legislations and maximizing Egyptian resources, saying: “Egypt has adopted a path towards construction and development.”

He noted: “I am proud to be in this parliament for the great achievements it made for the sake of Egypt and its future.”

He also saluted all political parties and The Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP).

Abou El Enein praised the Egyptian women for the great role they are playing in all fields.