Officially: Abou El-Enein is the deputy to Giza with 36,213 votes, 84%

The National Electoral Authority headed by Counsellor Lasheen Ibrahim announced that businessman Mohamed Abou El-Enein won the supplementary elections in the Giza constituency in the first round, indicating that he had got 36,213 votes, which exceeded 84% of the total number of valid votes, while his three other competitors got about 7,000 votes.

The National Electoral Authority confirmed that the voting process in the by-elections for the parliament for the Deputies in Giza and Mallawi districts was conducted in complete calm, as voting took place throughout the past Tuesday and Wednesday, and the National Electoral Authority did not receive complaints that affect the course of the elections.

The elections in the Giza district were held in of 87 sub-committees, and were supervised by 115 judges.

Accordingly, the board of directors of the commission announced the victory of the candidate, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed Abou El-Enein, and his fame name Mohamed Abou El-Enein, for the first district of the Giza Police Station Department, as he obtained an absolute majority of the valid votes in accordance with the provision of Article 23 of Parliament Law No. 46 of 2014

Counsellor Lasheen Ibrahim, head of the National Electoral Authority, greeted the industrialist, Mohamed Abou El-Enein, winner of the complementary elections, for obtaining the trust of the Giza people, and congratulated the people of Giza for their participation and their eagerness to cast their votes and their national duty.

MP Mohamed Abou El-Enein thanked the people of Giza for their dear confidence, stressing that this trust is a medal on his chest that he is proud of, and that it is an honor, assignment, trustworthy and responsibility.

He promised the Giza people to remain in the service of Giza and its people and to work with them hand in hand to achieve their great hopes and aspirations, stressing that Giza did not witness elections in the literal sense, but it was an epic of love and a celebration between the MP and the people of Giza.