Abul Enein: President Sisi Revives Palestinian Cause Strongly, Honorably

Mohamed Abul Enein, Deputy-Chairman of the House of Representatives (HoR), said that Egypt stirs the Palestinian cause at the world level.

He congratulated President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on activating the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip which was praised by most of the countries across the globe, including the European Union (EU) which appreciated Egypt’s role in that matter.

Abul Enein added over an intervention with media anchor Ahmed Mussa, presenter of “On My Responsibility” program aired on Sada El-Balad satellite channel, that the Palestinian cause was strongly stirred following the Egyptian move towards that cause.

He praised the resilience of the Palestinian people.

He depicted that as an honorable matter for all.

Abul Enein affirmed that Egypt has a pivotal role in the region, especially at the Palestinian cause.

The Deputy-Chairman of the HoR assured that the Palestinian cause is the most important issue in the world at present time after the Egyptian move.

He went on to say that what happened in Gaza returns the Palestinian cause as the pivotal issue in the world.

Abul Enein went on to say that the phone call of US President Joe Biden to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi came after big efforts of the Egyptian president to support the Palestinian cause.

Abul Enein urged the   Palestinian factions to unify to set a roadmap for their cause.

He unveiled that the solution of the Palestinian cause found in returning to 1967 borders, establishing the Palestinian state with its capital in Al-Quds (known in the Western and Israeli sources as Jerusalem), and stopping the Israeli settlements.

Abul Enein indicated that   Palestine is the only occupied country in the world.

He unveiled that the Palestinian people face serious challenges proudly and resiliently.

Abul Enein went on to say that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi ordered to open the Egyptian hospitals to treat injured people of Gaza and humanitarian convoys offered from “Long Life Egypt  Fund”, Homat Watan “, Mostqbal Watan, Al –Sha’ab Republican parties, and the  Coordination of Parties who offered humanitarian aids to the Gaza Strip.

He thanked the “Mostqbal Watan|” party and the Coordination of Parties for supporting the Palestinian cause.

He explained that daily aids will go out from Egypt towards Gaza.

He affirmed that the route of negotiating must be opened to find a just solution for the Palestinian cause to make peace prevail in the Middle East.

He affirmed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi thinks very wisely and the world talks about Egypt’s stance on Palestine.

He pointed out that the US stance towards the Palestinian cause has changed very much due to El-Sisi’s role in the Palestinian cause.

Abul Enein made clear that Egypt succeeded in deterring the Israeli war machine and the       Israeli media which directed the world against the Palestinian cause over the last years.