Abou El-enein: Knowledge,Educ Main Component of 4th Industrial Revolution

Sada El-Balad anchor Ahmed Moussa hosted prominent businessman and parliamentary candidate Mohamed Abou El-enein Sunday in order to discuss several ongoing issues including why the Cleopatra Group founder chose to enter political life again,his goals for the future and some ongoing issues within Egypt.

Abou El-enein revealed that Giza currently has many problems,and once he is elected he will work towards solving these problems.

The prominent businessman explained that the world is going through the fourth industrial revolution.

“My goal is to establish educational programs that will help users adapt and prosper in this new environment.”

The Cleopatra Group founder revealed that the Nation’s Future Party has a strict vision to develop education throughout Egypt and that he will try to implement this vision in Giza.

“When I met with teachers here in Giza,they had some ideas and requests,I will work towards fulfilling those requests and adding upon them.”

Abou El-enein revealed that he plans to establish investment courses to improve the overall understanding of the residents in order to forge them into key players in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution,affirming that ”Knowledge and Education”is the main components of the revolution.

Referring to once of his previous accomplishments,Abou El-enein pointed back to the year 2000 when he met with Professor Nabil Gohar at the Cairo University and established joint cooperation between the university and Giza.

“We wrote a book which contains 186 projects to be established in Giza,which includes civil,educational and industrial projects and thanks to God we were able to implement them all.”