Aboul Enein: Nile Water Represents Life, Dignity for Egypt

MP Mohamed Aboul Enein, Chairman of the Egyptian European Council, said that over thousands of years, the waters of the Nile remained the source of life and the foundation of the Egyptian civilization. He asked: “Is it acceptable for any country to deprive Egypt of its historical rights in the Nile waters?

Aboul Enein’s remarks came during his meeting today Thursday with members of the council in the presence of European Union Ambassador in Cairo Christian Berger and European ambassadors.

“The issue of the Nile water for Egypt is an issue of life and dignity, as we will not waste a single drop of of the Nile water, nor accept the policy of imposing a status quo or evading the signing of a binding and just agreement,” Aboul Enein noted.

The prominent MP also voiced hope that the European Union countries will play a greater role in the coming period, in cooperation with the United States, in order to pressure the Ethiopian side to reach an agreement between the three countries.

He also praised the efforts of US president Donald Trump who played a big role and took a strong decision to stop aid to Ethiopia when it refused to sign the agreement drawn up by the United States.