Abou El-Enein: World Experiences Unprecedented Events … Food Crises Threaten Millions

Mohamed Abou El-Enein, Deputy Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives said that the world is now living under exceptional circumstances and unprecedented political and economic developments, at a time when we bid farewell to the coronavirus pandemic, which halted political, economic life, and with ‘clever minds we will be able to overcome it’.
Abou El-Enein added during his participation in the General Assembly of the Mediterranean Parliament in Dubai that the world is faced with crises of a new type and unpredictable wars.
The deputy speaker stressed that the meeting at the World Youth Forum, in the city of peace “Sharm El-Sheikh”, two month ago, was for the sake of youth, development and a promising future, because ‘Egypt knows the importance of youth and their role in the future through their involvement in political and social life.
He continued, “The world youth was celebrating this solemn occasion, which is repeated every year and discusses important vital topics, such as the pandemic, water and food security, climate change, digital transformation, health care and women’s issues.”
Abou El-Enein stressed that after the conclusion of the conference’s recommendations, we hoped that the world would unite to confront major global challenges, foremost of which are energy security and climate change, stressing that energy security in developed and non-developed countries is a vital security that affects the national security of these countries.
He explained that the world is facing great challenges, including the Russian-Ukrainian war and its impact on the world, its repercussions and what is yet to come.

inflationary wave and a food crisis

He said that the energy crisis has disrupted supply chains and the production process, and the world has suffered because of it, an inflationary wave and a food crisis that threatens to starve millions of people, in which companies have stopped production.
Abou El-Enein continued: Climate change threatens life on the planet, and unprecedented waves of heat and cold, floods, droughts, storms, desertification, fires and sea level rise have been observed.
Abou El-Enein explained that, as parliamentarians in the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf, we must have our strategy to protect ourselves against the dangers of war, deal with its challenges and benefit from the opportunities that result from it.
Renaissance Dam
On the issue of the Renaissance Dam, the deputy speaker said that the Nile River is the life of Egyptians throughout history and their future, and international charters and treaties confirm this, and today Egypt is exposed to blatant injustice and a conspiracy to reduce the required quantity of flowing water.
“The population of Egypt at the time of the water share treaty, a century ago, was 20 million, and after the population reached 100 million, it is still the same amount of 55 billion cubic meters. Egypt lives in water poverty, and I remind you of the seriousness of this situation, as we do not want to de-stabilize African peace and security. This situation threatens security and peace in the continent, and this is our right and we will not give up our rights”
“Egypt has pursued quite diplomacy in its dealings with the situation, and everyone must understand that the Nile River is an Egyptian national security crisis in the first place.”