Abou El-Enein: A comprehensive plan for the development and modernization of 200 mosques and Al El-Bayt mosques with the latest modern systems 100 corneal transplants for the unable, 100 scholarships for martyrs’ children

Abou El-Enein bears the costs of developing mosques and the Minister of Awqaf praises the initiative

Endowments Minister، Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa and Prominent Businessman، Mohamed Abou El-Enein، The Honorary Speaker of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament، and Chairman of The Egyptian-European Business Council inaugurated a closed session on the sidelines of The 29th international Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs kicked off earlier today Saturday.


During the session، Gomaa hailed Abou El-Enein’s “outstanding patriotic role” in the society’s development، noting that giving the employees their full rights by the businessmen is a part of patriotism.

He added that countering terrorism and extremism is an integrative process among all institutions.


Noteworthy، Prominent businessman، Mohamed Abou El-Enein، the Honorary Speaker of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament، and Chairman of the Egyptian-European Business Council took part earlier today Saturday in The 29th international Conference of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.


Endowments Minister Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa inaugurated on Saturday the 29th international conference of Supreme Council for Islamic affairs under the auspices of Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The conference themed “The building of the national character and its impact on the countries’ progress “is held at one of Cairo’s hotels from January 19-20.


About 40 countries، in addition to 120 ministers and Muftis participate in the conference.

The two-day conference includes seven debate sessions to discuss the role of Religious institutions، media and family in the building of the national character.