Yasser Rezk: Abou El Enein announced his 1 million dollars contribution to the initiative of supporting people affected by floods.

Yasser Rezk, Chairman and editor in chief of Akhbar al-Youm, said that Akhbar al-Youm foundation announced an initiative to support the affected by floods in Alexandria, for which 2 million EGP and another one million from other entities affiliated to Akhbar al-Youm, including donations and deposits, were allocated, assuring that the businessman Mohamed Abou El enein announced the initiative and his contribution with one million EGP to this national and humanitarian mission which supports other citizens stressing that we are Egyptians living in the same country.

Rezk added during his interview with the TV host Rasha Magdy in “Studio El Balad”, broadcasted on Sada El Bald TV channel, that colleagues from Akhbar al Yom made great volunteer work, recognizing Safaa Nawar’s and Safeya Mostafa Amin’s efforts as they actually went to the affected (drowned) areas and neglected villages.

Akhbar al-Yum chairman thanked the business man Abu El Enein and everyone who contributed to this initiative, stressing that Akhbar al-Youm foundation is the peoples newspaper and voice in uprisings and wars, and adding that all its employees work on supporting patients, critical cases and the disabled (less fortunate).