Abou El-Enein : President Sisi gave Egyptian-African relations all needed momentum


Renowned Egyptian businessman and current honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Mohamed Abou El-Enein said that President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and the 30th June revolution have restored Egypt’s strong influence in Africa as the notable Sisi’s efforts and keenness to participate in the all African forums.

During the Afro-Egyptian Relations meeting held on Wednesday، Abou El-Enein addressed the attendees، including a delegation of senior African outlets I cooperation with the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development.

The meeting was also attended by senior Egyptian mediamen، diplomats and figures including Ambassador Hazem Fahmy، the Secretary General of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development، Ambassador Hamdi Loza، Deputy Foreign Minister، Ambassador Hisham Badr، Assistant Foreign Minister for the Affairs of International Organizations.

Abou El Enein asserted the Egyptian private sector’s keenness to cement ties with Africa in trade and investment spheres، in addition to the fields of services، education، health، media، culture، and energy.

“Africa’s integration would be strength for all its countries،”

“I believe that we are able to solve our own problems، Africa is a land of opportunities and economic growth as being the second largest continent in terms of area with massive natural resources،” he added.