Al-Botroseya Cathedral bombing: Abou El-Enein pays condolences to the Egyptians and Pope Tawadros for the souls of the victims

Mr. Mohammed Abul-Enein, Chairman of Sada El-Balad channels and news website, has mourned the deaths the Al-Botroseya Cathedral terrorist bombing took place on Sunday morning and left 24 killed and 70 injured.

He paid condolences to the Egyptian people and Pope Tawadros.

“Such incidents unify the Egyptian people. The whole people are in deep grief due to this villain terror attack.” Abou El-Enein asserted.

Mr. Abou El-Enein insisted that the Egyptians will stay unified and steadfast in the face of terrorism.

“Yesterday a mosque was bombed, and today they targeted a church. Nobody knows to which religion do those terrorists belong”.