President of the Cypriot Parliament: Mohamed Abou El-Enein is an exceptional person and I am seeking to work with him

Demetris Syllouris, President of the Cypriot parliament, said that Mohamed Abou El-Enein, the Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, is an exceptional person, as he combines three things: he is a successful businessman, he is a good politician and he is a good person.

During his interview in “Ala Masoliati” program presented by Ahmed Mousa on “Sada Al-Balad” satellite channel, he added that he would like to work with him and with a lot of Egyptians because we have to be very productive and successful for the good of our peoples.

He asked the Egyptians to look back to their past history, which is one of the oldest in the world. He added that everyone should work hard for himself and his country.