MP Aboul Enein Congratulates Egypt’s Newly-Elected Senators

MP Mohamed Aboul Enein, Vice President of Nation’s Future party congratulated the newly-elected senators, wishing them ultimate success and to actively and honorably represent the Egyptian people under the dome of Egypt’s second chamber of legislation.

“The Egyptian people count on the senators to deepen the democratic system and expand its fields, strengthen the pillars of the legislative authority, and carry out their duties with regard to the general plan for social and economic development,” Aboul Enein posted on his Facebook account.

The prominent lawmaker also congratulated ‘The national list for Egypt’ and the candidates of Nation’s  Future party (Mostaqbal Watan), who received the absolute majority of votes during the first round of elections, wishing success to those who made it to the run-off.

 Moreover, Aboul Enein also praised the efforts exerted by the National Elections Authority (NEA) headed by Counselor Lashin Ibrahim, in cooperation with the Armed Forces, as well as the Ministries of Interior, and Health, and all people sects to produce the electoral scene in such an honorable image.

In addition, he called on voters to take part in the run-off round set for next September 6-7.