Mohammed Abul-Enein: “Egypt is facing terrorism now alone and did not get the price.” “The Egyptian-European Business Council” contributed to change the mental image of Egypt abroad. The American aid must be transformed into a strong partnership and mutual interests.

Mohamed Abou El Enein, Chairman of the Egyptian-European Business Council:

  • Egypt has been subjected to programmed campaigns to distort its image abroad.
  • Egypt is strong and does not need aid.
  • The responsible officer must be held accountable for the procedures before the investor.
  • Relations between Egypt and USA must be based on common interests.
  • The need to build specialized industrial zones and take into account urban planning.

Chairman of Egyptian-European Business council, Prominent Businessman, Mohammed Abul Enein stressed that the council role in supporting the Egyptian state during the past period was clear.

He added that the council had translated the Egyptian constitution into three languages; English, French, and Arabic.

“The translation has been presented to the United Nations in order to deliver the real image of Egypt at this time”, Abul Enein said.

Additionally, Abul Enein said that the western Media is trying to distort the image of Egypt, portraying it as full of terrorism, and that the citizens are killing each other in the street. For example, the Italian student Regini case is a proof of that, as there were certain media pages abroad were paid to distort Egypt’s image.

“The council had a role in changing that false image of Egypt abroad, and some laws and policies have been presented recently by the Egyptian government at the international level”, he added.

Moreover, Abul Enein pointed out that Egypt has stopped asking for aid even from U.S., adding that this matter should be understood by the American leadership.

“The aid culture must be transformed into a strong partnership and common interests”, he said.

Meanwhile, Abul Enein asked international cooperation and investment Minister, Dr. Sahar Nasr to lead the idea of seeking common interest.

“Egypt does not need aid from US, but rather investment projects, educational experiences, and others” Abul Enein added

Egyptian-European Business council headed by Prominent Businessman and the honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament، Mohamed Abul Enein holds a Forum today Wednesday on the prospects of the Egyptian-US relationship in the light of the recent developments.

It is scheduled that Abul Enein will travel to Washington tomorrow، Thursday accompanied by a high-level delegation from Euro-Mediterranean Parliament.

During the visit، the delegation will meet a number of US congress leaders، several white house officials to discuss US’ support to region states’ efforts in combating terrorism، and solving crises in Syria، Libya and Iraq.

Moreover، the parliamentary delegation will head to New York on September 17، to participate in United Nations Security Council meetings.

It is scheduled that، the delegation will meet UN Secretary General، and his senior aides as well as political affairs and counter-terrorism committees.