Mohamed Abou El Enein gets excited on the traitors of the homeland He confirms that what happened in 2011 will not be repeated and those who want to target the state are known Sada El-Balad broadcasts facts not fabrication

Abou El-Enein sends a strong message to the traitors of the country

During his stay in the United States of America, TV presenter Rasha Magdy held talks with Egyptian businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein, President of the Egyptian European Business Council and Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, during his participation in the 74th UN General Assembly.

Abou El Enein said that he had recently returned from Japan and is currently at the United Nations, meeting many personalities, but he did not see in his life the appreciation of a leader who has done these great acts at the moment, such as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

“You and your children and grandchildren will reap the fruits of the suffering we are experiencing today,” said businessman Mohamed Abou -Enein.

He stressed that the progress in Egypt has shown a lot through the figures, saying: “The figures talk about the progress of Egypt in terms of scientific, economic, political and social levels”, stressing that inflation rates now reached 6% compared to 30% before.

Businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein said that the Egyptian state has a law to criminalize and punish what is happening on the websites of targeting the state, leaders, businessmen and citizens, from abroad.

He added that all previous attempts to fabricate and lie to the Egyptian people failed. He addressed the traitors, saying that those who are trying to distort the image of Egypt have failed. They resort to fabrication because they do not have facts to broadcast. and disclose, noting that these failures are trying to influence public opinion, but the Egyptian people are attentive, well aware and understand the intrigues and desperate attempts of these traitors who want the destruction of Egypt.

He added that what happened in 2011 will not be repeated again.  saying: “.

Abou El Enein showed his joy in the Egyptian community, saying that he is proud of the joy of receiving the Egyptian community in the United States of America to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, pointing out that these people are patriotic and loyal to their homeland feel the value of what President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has given them.

Mohammed Abu Al-Enein said: “The message arrived, and Sada-

El Balad broadcasts the facts, we broadcast the facts not fabrication.”