Corona .. Opportunities, Challenges Facing Egyptian Economy

By: MP Mohamed Abou El-Enein

It is a message from a man who loves his homeland and every bit of its soil. He realized that goodness is eternal, that his country’s duty is rewarded, and that the return of favor is an honor.

He shows his gratitude for the land that held him, the borders that protect him, the kind faces that shaped his identity, and the workforce that made his glory.

“We will not look at material losses .. in front of the lives and health of the Egyptian people.” Critical statements were pronounced by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, documenting a humanitarian attitude, a heroic action, and the authenticity of the Egyptian civilization that glorified human structures by carving symbols of life on its antiquities, presenting a myth of a surviving eternity.

Words from the beating heart of the homeland to dignified spirits. Without hypocrisy, I affirm that the homeland is precious to its leadership, and that Egypt is proud of the dignity of its tolerant people and loyal children.

Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly and the Egyptian government were capable of overcoming many challenges related to the deadly virus, yet, the biggest economies of the world collapsed one after the other in the face of the imminent virus, and could not stand firm against the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

The Egyptian economy, however, was present, driven by wise economic and fiscal policies. Egypt, presented in the central bank leadership, was ready to face the consequences, taking early repercussions and implementing policies that had a great impact on supporting the economy.

The whole world has recognized today, that the most genuine economy and the most enduring trade is investing in research and development (R&D).

Presently, doctors and nurses stand tall, consistent and committed to helping patients on the front lines. Salute to all who responded to the nation’s call and chose to be soldiers in their ranks. Salute to every valiant soldier in the armed forces, to every heroic officer in the police, to all doctors in the white army, and to every skilled journalist, who spreads awareness.

 Also, the solidarity of people and society during that crisis is the path to safety, and despite the appreciated contributions made by businessmen, Egypt hopes for more.

The bigger crises are, the more sacrifices are made, and the world’s wealth is not equal to one Egyptian spirit of a worker, who suffers for the sake of his family. For those who find in the return of employees to the workplace a way to overcome the crisis, they have to think twice. Factories or workplace closure will not incur large losses compared to the losses caused by the epidemic, in terms of human and material losses.

From the womb of the current crisis, a new world order will be born, and new relations will be formed. Egypt, presented in President Sisi gave a hand to China and Italy during their crises in a noble attitude, which will be preserved in the pages of history. Egypt became at the heart of the world and the conscience of humanity, the cradle of civilization became a symbol of dignity and a source of pride.

Egypt is seeing beyond this crisis, establishing an integrated economic system that takes the fourth industrial revolution as a starting point. Egypt should be home to high technology, artificial intelligence through investing in human resources and research approaches foreseeing the future by serving major industries and specialized industrial areas that support local production and achieve self-sufficiency.

The “Mother of the World” has a great opportunity, driven by the current circumstances, to open up for the future and aspire to develop into a global economic power, through initiating global supply chains for all competitive products.

Finally, words of gratitude and recognition are not enough for all those who bear the responsibility of the nation and care for the safety of the Egyptians at home or abroad.

Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt

كورونا بين فرص وتحديات الاقتصاد المصري - مقال أخبار اليوم 11-4-2019