On Air.. Sada El-Balad TV Celebrates Sweeping Victory of MP Aboul Enein

This evening, Sada El-Balad TV organized a big celebration for the winning of MP Mohamed Aboul Enein, who scored landslide victory in the Giza district at the parliamentary elections that were held in ten governorates, including Giza, on Saturday and Sunday.

The MP, who obtained the highest number of votes, hailed women for their role in the elections, especially as it was the turning point during the voting process, as he put it.

MP Aboul Enein, also chairman of the Cleopatra Group, thanked the employees of Sada El-Balad TV for the excellent coverage of the Parliament elections in its first stage.

 Speaking during a celebration that was broadcast live at Ahmed Moussa’s famous program; Ala Masouleyati’, MP Aboul Enein regarded that the channel was a pioneer in its coverage of the elections, and it was found everywhere in front of the committees.

 MP Aboul Enein extended his gratitude to the employees of Sada El-Balad TV, following the announcement of preliminary results of the elections.

Earlier yesterday, the people of Giza held a mass celebration at evening, with joy and happiness, as MP Aboul Enein won more than 95% of the vote.

MP Aboul Enein thanked them for the wonderful celebration and reception that lasted for more than 6 hours, stressing that the celebration is a historic day in his life and his joy in the love that he sees from all the people of Giza is greater than his joy in winning the elections.

MP Aboul Enein assured that he is committed to his pledge and promise the people of Giza to be always at their service, whether they choose him or those who did not choose him, stressing that he is committed to providing all what he can of work, effort and services so that Giza be the best in Egypt.

MP Aboul Enein precedented all the winning candidates in Giza with a difference of no less than 42,000 votes for the next winner.