Abou El-Enein Highlights Role of Thinkers, Writers in Enriching Egypt’s Cultural History

MP Muhammed Abou El-Enein, Deputy Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives (HOR), called for the necessity of establishing an emergency fund to support writers and thinkers, saying that they have enriched the Egyptian history with lots of cultural heritage and they deserve every appreciation and respect.

In his speech, commenting on the statement of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, before the plenary session of Parliament, Abou El-Enein said that is unacceptable to let Egypt’s writers and thinkers demand their treatment at the expense of the state, confirming that it is an inherent right for them for what they have presented to this country.

The prominent businessman also blamed the Culture Minister regarding the lack of ministry’s future plan in dealing with the outer world, saying: “Egypt is moving quickly, and we must have ambitious plans in addressing the whole world.”

The HoR deputy speaker noted, “Spreading the Egyptian culture has a significant impact upon the state, especially at a time when we are building our civilization, indicating that we are in a fight at home and abroad in light of the current global developments.”

Abou El-Enein pointed out that projecting a mental image of Egypt’s culture before the world is very necessary, confirming that the culture ministry must pay utmost attention to build the mind and conscience of the Egyptian people, and to have an ambitious future vision.

He also stressed the importance of having a marketing mechanism for all Egyptian ideas, affirming, “We have a great soft power that can be mobilized to the global market.”

The Egyptian lawmaker called for holding monthly competitions to discover new talented cadres, stressing the importance of adopting new programs devoted to build thought and culture.