Aboul Enein: Agreement for Exploitation of Quarries, Salines Creates Added Value

Deputy Mohamed Aboul Enein, vice president of Nation’s Future Party, affirmed that the quarrying and salinisation agreement creates an added value to preserve the national wealth and manage the quarries and salinities systems in Egypt.

Aboul Enein assured that the state has great wealth in the south valley region, the Sinai, or the eastern or western deserts that need management and maximizing the added value.

 Aboul Enein made those remarks during a joint committee hosting the Industry Committee, the offices of the constitutional and legislative affairs committees, housing, public utilities and reconstruction.
He said: It is necessary to train workers and think about how to create added value, stressing that this is one of the most important economic goals that raise the output of these projects.

The Cleopatra Group founder added that there is a partnership between different ministries and the societies authority, where 15% of the revenue goes to the Ministry of Finance, 6 to the Urban Communities Authority, and 13% to the various ministries, and this scientific thought needs to be repeated in all brother sites.