Abou El-Enein Named as Member of Arab Tribe Council in Egypt

Mohamed Abou E-l Enein, Cleopatra Group Founder was given an honorary membership in the Arab Tribe Council in Egypt due to his humanitarian efforts in the Giza district. His membership was granted to him by Sheikh Esmat El-Akkaby head of the council on Saturday when he visited the Company’s headquarters.

Sheikh El-Akkaby awarded Abou E-l Enein the membership due to his vital role in defending Egypt after the 30th of June Revolution, his humanitarian gestures and his rich history as one of the biggest national industrialists in the world.

On the other hand, Sheikh Rashed El-Akkaby, vice president of the council, thanked Cleopatra Media owner for his constant support of the Giza residents, claiming that his love for his people can be felt throughout the district.

“He is a man of high morals,”Rashed El-Akkaby declared.

Sheikh Akkakby El-Akkaby, treasurer of the council, revealed that they have adopted the Palestinian case, precisely the Israeli violation of the Al-Quds. He added that and Abou El-Enein’s membership in the parliament will help them raise their causes during assemblies.

Sheikh Mostafa El-Fedawy, leader of the Fedawya tribe supported Abou El-Enein’s membership in the council, stating that the Sada El-Balad media group adopts the cause of the council with extreme precision without any financial benefits, just like the Abou El-Enein’s foundation that adopts humanitarian efforts within the Giza district.

Lastly, Sheikh Hamouda El-Khodary welcomed the prominent businessman’s inclusion in the council, stating that Abou El-Enein’s membership in the parliament will help represent the council’s cases during the assemblies.