Abou El-Enein Hails Private Sector’s Important Participation in Infrastructure Projects

MP Mohamed Abou El-Enein, Deputy Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives, asserted the importance of the private sector’s participation in improving infrastructure projects.

His statements came during a discussion session regarding a new law draft for organizing the participation of the private sector in public infrastructure establishments for new projects.

He said after hailing the government and the concerned parliamentary committees for this law’s draft: “The new law draft presents more advanced means for applying an old law that issued in 2010. In addition, the new law draft added the participation of the private sector not only in the new projects’ infrastructure establishments.”

 He added that the new law draft could give the private sector’s the chance to participate in upgrading the systems of administration, operation, and maintenance in the previously founded projects.

Next, he praised the new recommended measures, describing it as “a modern way of thinking,” continuing that ministries bureaucratic means hindered bringing the 2010 law into force.

Therefore, the Deputy Speaker expressed that he looked forward to creating a map for Egypt’s investments, new projects, and all information that could assist investors, and funders.