Egypt to overcome plight, Abou El-Enein says


Egypt will overcome this crisis with the support of its friends and unbiased writers,” renowned businessman and honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Mohammed Abou El-Enein said on Sunday.

During a ceremony held this morning to honor the newly-appointed European Union envoy in Cairo for assuming office، Abou El-Enein stressed that Egypt need new initiatives to promote and stimulate tourism industry.
Abou El-Enein stressed the importance of media coverage and how highlighting the newly adopted security procedures in Egyptian airports would contribute recovering tourism.
“Many of Western media outlets do not convey the truth about Egypt، exaggerating the situation in Egypt، and speak negatively about security and safety regarding tourist attractions،” he said.
“I am confident that Egypt would overcome the plight with the help of friends and unbiased writers، who tell the truth the wish and desire the wellbeing، security and stability of the region،” he added.