Abou El Enein urges to establish logistics zones to serve Mediterranean countries

Abou El-Enein’s Speech at Suez Canal Authority & UfM Conference on Maritime Transport and Logistics

Prominent Businessman، Mohamed Abou El-Enein ، the Honorary speaker of the Euro-Mediterranean parliament called on the Euro-Mediterranean Transport Forum to study the establishment of investment، economic zones and logistics centers، in order to boost investment and create more job opportunities.
On the sidelines of the “Maritime transport and logistics services” conference، kicked off in Ismailia today، Abou El-Enein urged the parliaments to put legislations to encourage investment.
Moreover، Abou El-Enein said that The Union for Mediterranean (UFM) combats terrorism and illegal immigration dangers، considering Logistics and maritime transport from the most important solutions to counter these challenges.
Abou El-Enein also pointed out to the need to benefit from the geographical proximity between countries to strengthen the linkage، integration، trade and investment relations among them.
Additionally، He stressed that the quality and efficiency of logistics and maritime transport mean more regional integration، more economic growth، increasing in exports، the development of industries and investments، the promotion of competitiveness and productivity، creation of new job opportunities، in addition to improving living standards and lifting tens of millions out of poverty، Thus drying up the most important sources of illegal immigration، extremism and terrorism.