Abou El-Enein speaks before the main session of the 27th Annual Conference of Arab and American decision makers in Washington

Abou El-Enein participates in National Council for Arab-American Relations meeting - Washington 2018

Abou El Enein:

  • Egypt presented a unique model for sustainable development and the fight against terrorism.
  • Development indicators are improving every day and we are on the right track.
  • Our policy is independent and our relations are good with the USA, Russia, China, Africa and Europe.
  • Our discoveries of gas and oil are increasing every day and the petrochemical industries are endemic in Egypt, transforming it into a regional energy center.
  • Our peoples are peacemakers and the Islamic religion rejects violence, tolerates tolerance and accepts the other.
  • We welcome the high-tech industries and Egypt is a gateway to US companies for the Middle East and Africa.

Mohamed Abou El Enein, Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean  and President of the Egyptian-European Business Council, affirmed that Egypt has presented a unique model in sustainable development and economic leaps in record times despite the suffering of terrorism and internal and external conspiracies in recent years.

He said Egypt had triumphed over terrorism and attempts to dismantle, and the people, with the help of their armed forces, had been able to preserve their state, restore their identity and strengthen their national institutions. He pointed out that Egypt’s experience in development, combating terrorism and preserving the state is an example for many countries in the region.

This came during a speech by Abou El-Enein in the main session of the 27th annual conference of Arab and American decision makers, organized by the National Council for Arab-American Relations in Washington on the future of Egyptian-American relations, which was attended by a large number of prominent Arab and American personalities, members of Congress and a large number of Arab and American intellectuals and ambassadors. Abou El-Enein was the main spokesperson.

He added that the economic indicators of Egypt are constantly improving which confirms that we are on the right path to achieve comprehensive development, pointing to the tremendous development witnessed by the oil and gas sector. He added that new discoveries are flowing every day and that we have achieved self-sufficiency of gas and stopped importing liquefied gas, and petrochemical industry in Egypt creates a high added value from domestic gas and oil or what we will bring from neighboring countries to be manufactured in Egypt and re-exported abroad at twice the purchase value.

Abou El Enein stressed that Egypt’s foreign policy is independent, and during the past four years Egypt has opened up to all major powers to serve its national interest. He pointed out that Egypt has strong friendship with everyone, whether the United States, Russia, China and Europe. It also regained its leading role in the Middle East and Africa and will chair the African Union next year 2019.

Abou Al-Enein stressed that Arab peoples and countries seek peace and reject violence and extremism.

On the Egyptian-American relations, Abou El Enein said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the Egyptian-American partnership, which began under the auspices of the United States in the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel in 1979. He added that the time has come for a new stronger relationship between the two countries that is more realizing their priorities and more compatible with what they have witnessed from the variables in recent years.

Abou El-Enein expressed his hope that the United States will contribute more to President El Sisi’s efforts to build the new Egypt. He pointed out that a strong, stable and prosperous Egypt is an interest for regional peace and security. Egypt is the center of gravity in the region, by virtue of history, geography, demography, and its cultural and political role.

Abou El Enein pointed out that there are many positive indicators for the improvement of relations between the two countries due to the keenness of the two presidents and their joint efforts. President El Sisi and President Trump shared the vision on many issues, taking care of the interests of their countries and took many steps to enhance consultation and coordination between the two countries in various fields.

Abou El Enein stressed that Egypt is regaining its active regional role, and that Egypt’s policy, as President El-Sisi said, is to make peace, participate in building and help others, not participate in destroying other countries.

He stressed that many of the region’s disasters during the past two decades are the result of unaccountable external interventions, the consequences of which did not take into account the specificity of this region, its history and the nature of its societies. Rather than achieving security, it has led to chaos, terrorism and regional interventions.

Abou El Enein called on the current administration in the United States not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and to strengthen its ties with the countries of the region.

He added that Egypt’s vision to end the region’s crises stems from its long experience and there is no way out of the crises except the restoration of the national state. As President Sisi stressed in his speech to the UN General Assembly, the only way out of these crises is to restore the modern national state based on the principles of citizenship, democracy, respecting human rights, good governance and supporting the national institutions to serve their people and extend their control over all their lands.

The Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean  pointed out that the Palestinian issue is the central issue in the Middle East, which is the issue of all Arabs, not just Palestinians, pointing out the disappointment of Arab peoples from the US and Israeli policies that seek to impose the fait accompli and empty the Palestinian issue from its content. He stressed that the policy of imposing a fait accompli cannot be the basis for peace or a solution to the Palestinian issue.

Abou El Enein said that the time has come to put an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Egypt is exerting all its efforts to create the atmosphere for negotiations, calm the situation in Gaza and complete the Palestinian national reconciliation. He added that the internationally agreed solution is the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders, denouncing the lack of courage and political will on the Israeli side and the international community.

Abou El Enein stressed that Egypt’s stance on the crises in Syria, Libya and Yemen is to preserve the state and its territorial integrity and support the efforts of the United Nations to reach a comprehensive political solution that achieves the legitimate aspirations of the Arab peoples.

He added that Egypt plays a pivotal role in supporting the rebuilding of the Libyan state and unifying the military establishment to carry out its tasks in controlling security and preventing the flow of fighters and weapons through its territory to the surrounding countries and regions, stressing that there are parties seeking to continue the conflict and violence in the region to achieve their own interests at the expense of the blood of innocent Arab women and children.

Abou El Enein stressed that Egypt is fighting a fierce war on terrorism in all its forms, not only in defence of its security, but also in defence of the security of the region and the world. He pointed out that it is fighting it with a comprehensive economic, social, cultural and security strategy and confronting all those who support or finance, or provide it with safe havens.

Abou El-Enein praised President El-Sisi’s courageous initiative to correct religious discourse, stressing that Egypt plays the main role in the war of ideas and thwarting extremism. He pointed out that Al-Azhar plays a big role in refuting the allegations of terrorists and highlighting the truth and Islam’s noble values.

Abou El Enein confirmed that Egypt, thanks to the heroic role of its armed forces and police, the comprehensive operation “Sinai 2018” succeeded in defeating terrorism, cleared North Sinai from it, returned the normal life there, succeeded in destroying terrorist outposts and infrastructure and cutting off all funding and supply methods, as well as killing terrorist leaders.

He added that rooting out terrorism in Sinai requires not only a successful military campaign, but also calls for an economic development plan. President El-Sisi places the development of Sinai as a priority, and a comprehensive plan for its development with investments of LE 275 billion, which contributes to the exploitation of its wealth and improve the quality of life of its people.

He called on the United States to support Egypt’s comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism in all its dimensions, and support the Sinai development plan to reflect positively on the lives of citizens and provide them with decent work opportunities.

Abou El-Enein pointed out that Egypt is carrying out a comprehensive political, economic, social and cultural modernization process, and has achieved qualitative leaps in the field of empowering women and youth. Women occupy 25% of ministerial positions and 15% of the Parliament seats, and there is continuous communication between the political leadership and youth through the mechanism of youth national conferences.

Abou El-Enein confirmed that President El-Sisi is racing against time in order to achieve the development of Egypt and promote the welfare of its people, adding that Egypt is witnessing a real economic renaissance and 11 thousand huge projects were implemented in 4 years at a cost of 2 trillion pounds, and the construction of the largest road network with more than 7 thousand kilometres. More than 20 new cities are being built, including the new administrative capital, which is twice the size of Cairo. More than 1.8 million new housing units have been built. Egypt’s electricity production has been doubled and 1.5 million new acres are being cultivated.

New technological and industrial zones are being established, and the Suez Canal area is being developed as a special economic zone serviced by 6 hub ports and 4 industrial zones. He pointed out that a comprehensive modernization of the legislative environment has been issued and a new investment law and several complementary laws, aimed at facilitating and stimulating domestic and foreign investment and fighting bureaucracy.

Abou El Enein pointed out that the progress of nations depends on upgrading the capabilities of their human resources and Egypt is a young nation as 60% of its population are young, pointing out that the State puts on top of its priority the intensive investment in its human capital in their education, health, training and rehabilitation.

Abou El-Enein talks about Egypt-US relations before Arab & American Decision Makers Conference 2018

Abou El-Enein noted the positive results achieved by the comprehensive reform program despite the burdens it placed on the citizens, noting that we have achieved the highest economic growth rate during the past ten years and reached more than 5.3%, foreign reserves rose to more than 44 billion dollars, non-oil exports increased by more than 13%, tourism revenues increased by 30% and Suez Canal revenues by more than 15%. This was accompanied by low inflation, decreased unemployment rate, budget deficits and trade balance deficits.

Abou El Enein pointed out that Egypt is the largest recipient of US direct investments in Africa and the second largest in the Middle East. More than 1,000 US companies operate successfully in Egypt with investments of more than $ 22.2 billion, representing more than 38% of US investments in Africa. He added that the trade between the two countries increased by 16% in 2017 to reach 5.6 billion US dollars.

He stressed that the volume of economic and trade exchange between Egypt and the United States does not rise to the potential of relations between the two countries. He stressed that Egypt, with its domestic market, its openness to the surrounding markets and its geographical location offers huge opportunities for American companies.

The President of the Egyptian European Business Council pointed out that Egypt’s unique geographical position makes it a commercial and investment portal for the American companies.  He added that Egypt has a strong portfolio of investment opportunities in high-tech industries, automotive, food, renewable energy, industry, construction, gas, agriculture, manufacturing and services. He stressed that Egypt welcomes foreign investment and solved the main problems facing it.

Abou El-Enein noted the establishment of a new road linking Cairo to Cape Town in South Africa and that this road could become a new African silk road, which would facilitate the access of Egyptian products to African countries, in a short time and at low cost.

Abou El Enein called on the two countries to modernize cooperation frameworks and mechanisms that have not changed for decades. He called for the establishment of a free trade zone between Egypt and the United States, pointing out the achievements of the free trade zone between Egypt and the European Union to double trade between the two sides, and contributed to make the European Union the largest foreign investor and the largest trading partner and the largest source of tourism in Egypt.

He asked why the United States does not establish an industrial zone for its companies in the Suez Canal area to be a center for American companies for export and trade, not only with the Egyptian market but with the markets of three continents, pointing out that China has established a successful zone for its companies in Suez and Russia is establishing a zone in Port Said.

At the end of his speech, Abou El-Enein presented a documentary film that monitors the achievements of Egypt during the past four years in various fields, and what is being implemented of major projects in all sectors, as well as Egypt’s investment opportunities for American companies, which will lead to upgrading relations between the two countries to their huge potential.