Abou El-Enein shaking hands with Pope Francis during the blessing of the course of the journey of the Holy Family

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Mohamed Abou El-Enein, President of the Egyptian-European Business Council and Chairman of the Arab Investors Union, shook hands with Pope Francis at the ceremony of blessing the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt.

Mr. Abou El-Enein raised Egypt’s flag during the ceremony to celebrate this historic moment and the Pope’s blessing to the Path of the Holy Family in Egypt.

He said that the blessing of the Pope is an invitation to the Catholic pilgrims around the world to perform their religious rites in Egypt as of January 2018, estimated with more than two billion people.

He added that Egypt, which hosted Moses peace be upon him, was a safe haven for the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, stressing that the blessing of the Pope of the Vatican for the course of the Holy Family is a real impetus for restoring Egyptian tourism to its natural position on the world map.

He also stressed the importance of this historical moment in support of Egypt’s fair share of the influx of tourists to religious tourism, which would benefit the national economy millions of dollars and provides thousands of jobs for young people, pointing to the importance of the tourism sector as a real development locomotive for all other sectors in the country.

The Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, decided to bless the journey of the Holy Family to Egypt and to adopt it during the pilgrimage of the Christian pilgrimage during the Mass, with the presence of Tourism Minister Yahya Rashed and the accompanying Egyptian delegation.

Pope Francis also blessed an icon specially designed to carry the image and emblem of the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt, to be sent later as a gift to Egypt by Pope Francis in a message of solidarity with Egypt and its people to encourage religious tourism to Egypt.

The event was attended by Elham Abu El-Fath, President of Sada Al-Balad website and channels and Managing Director of Cleopatra Media, as well as Amr El-Khayat, Editor-in-Chief of Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper and Sada Al Balad talk show host Ahmed Mousa.