Abou El-Enein after the President’s inauguration of major road projects: Egypt is on the right track. President El Sisi establishes a modern state comparable to the best modern states in attracting investments. Greetings to each hand accomplished the impossible in record time

Abou El-Enein:

  •  Egypt continues to build and the Egyptians are making a new history for their homeland.
  • The road network, bridges and tunnels witnessed an unprecedented boom under President El Sisi.
  •  Every project is a great addition to the Egyptian economy


The opening of a number of major national projects in the field of roads and bridges confirms that Egypt is moving in the right direction and that President El-Sisi is establishing a modern state comparable to the best modern countries in the field of attracting large investments and projects in various industrial, agricultural and productive fields.

In a statement, he described these projects as historic and unprecedented achievements in the history of urban life in Egypt, stressing that President El-Sisi has accomplished in the past few years the equivalent of what has been accomplished in the past several decades, and that what the Egyptian public see today confirms that Egypt was lacking infrastructure projects in the fields of roads and bridges to enable it to enter the world of investment and industrial projects attractive to local, Arab and foreign investments.

Abou El-Enein said that President El-Sisi affirms to the Egyptian public opinion with all its political and party affiliations that he is capable of fulfilling all his pledges to his people.

Abou El-Enein also paid tribute to every Egyptian hand, whether from the heroic heroes of the Egyptian army, the police or the sons of the Egyptian national companies that contributed to the accomplishment of these major national projects in record time that reaches the level of miracles and confirms the ability of Egyptians to achieve the impossible.