The whole world is closely following up the investment map in Egypt: Abul-Enein


Business magnate Mohammed Abul-Enein, head of the Egyptian-European Business Council, is participating on Monday in the closing session of Akhbar Al-Youm economic conference.

The three-day conference discussed the challenges facing the Egyptian economy, the urgent economic issues and the future vision to achieve the desired economic development.

A cohort of experts, statesmen, economists laid out their visions to find solution to the economic crisis in Egypt in this conference.

Abul-Enein said that developing municipalities is one of the main stays of fighting corruption.

He also stressed the importance of raising the awareness of the people regarding the importance of megaprojects as they help improve the income of the individuals.

“The upcoming period needs more efforts to be done to increase production,” he stated.

The head of the Egyptian-European Business Council stated that this conference brought forth new visions for the future, indicating that the minister of housing dropped a bombshell as he revealed Egypt’s Future in 2050, saying there are plans to double the area whereon the Egyptians are living, from 6 to 12 percent.

Abul-Enain expressed hope that such plan would be implemented across the country.

“Great nations are the ones who draw up their visions for the future, speaks of their ambitions and bring about legislations and policies for bringing such visions into reality,” Abul-Enein stated.

“We want to spread optimism and speak of happiness that is awaiting in the future for the citizen, his offspring and his grandsons,” he continued.

He also expressed hope that the government start speaking of the megaprojects and the vision for the rest of the governorates.

“The government has taken a very bold move,” Abul-Enein said, referring to the government’s decision to liberalize the exchange rate of the pound.

He also called for adopting policies and legislations complementary to this measure.

“During my European and American trips, I observed that the world is attentively following what is happening here in Egypt. And many people are desiring to come and pump investments,” he recalled.

He referred that many investors outside Egypt are sensing the clarity of the vision of the Egyptian government, the confidence in the political leadership and its credibility.

“We should accomplish the economic reform measures to have a strong foothold in the global market, hoping the new marketing body will create a new brand and name for Egypt for everything that is manufactured in Egypt or for every field in Egypt.

The business magnate called on the Ministry of Investment to develop a map including the investment areas in Egypt, referring that the minister of investment promised to do so yesterday.

“This map will indicate to the whole world the spots of the investment activities and places where infrastructure shall be established,” he explained.

The conference has been held under the patronage of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.