Spokesman: Abou El Enein Continues to Support ‘Long Live Egypt’ Fund

Mohamed Mokhtar, spokesman for “Long Live Egypt” Fund (LLEF), said that they did not receive any message to task them to foot the bill of returning the Egyptians abroad, affirming that the fund is ready to carry out any presidential assignments.

Mokhtar added, during a telephone contact with Ahmed Musa, anchor of “Ala Massouletty” program, aired on Sada El bald Space Channel, that the fund is ready to implement any presidential assignments at once to surpass the current crisis linked to the Coronavirus.

The spokesman for LLEF revealed that they supplied 1000 fluid pumps and 200 ventilators for the people infected with the Coronavirus.

He made clear that many businessmen support LLEF.

Mohamed Abou El Enein, an influential business magnate, industrialist and deputy-chairman of Mostaqbal Watan Party, tops those businessmen.

Mohamed Mokhtar pointed out that Abou El Enein participates positively in supporting the LLEF.

He thanked Abou El Enein many times for his donations to the fund, affirming that the LLEF intervenes to find solution for any problem. It built houses for group of citizens and reconstructed some villages which had been damaged by heavy rain last February.

On the other hand, Osama Haykal, the Minister of State for Information, said that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi directed the LLEF to bear the cost of residing the Egyptians who have returned from abroad so far in quarantine in hotels.

Haykal added the decision includes the Egyptians who have already returned over the past two days, because they were unaware of the issuance of this decision before their return, and that the quarantine period will be 14 days as scheduled until now.

The minister said the authorities have an important issue in order for the decision to remain clear.

“We are dealing with those who have already returned until now only, and there is an important thing that everyone must know.”

There are two stages: the first is those stranded at airports and their problem has already been solved, while the second stage is represented in those who work abroad or reside abroad.