“Sisi has no rival in the upcoming presidential elections”, Abul Enein says

TV host Ahmed Mousa hosted Egyptian businessman and current honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Mohamed Abul Enein in “Ala Masolity” (On my responsibility) show, aired on the privately-owned Sada el-Balad satellite channel.

The interview addressed the president’s efforts in a number of issues and the American stance, and their opinion, it also addressed the speeches of President Sisi and Global leaders at the UN General Assembly in it 72nd session, currently held in New York.

The president’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly included Arabs and Africa.

Abul-Enein said that President Sisi’s speech was not just about Egypt but it included a number of issues in the Arab world.

“The reason for the president to talk about those issues is that the region is witnessing a difficult path that is full of scheme, but Egypt overcame it, and the president was clear when he said no one will be allowed to tamper with the security of Libya.

“Europe will be the first to be affected by the fragmentation of Libya. Thus, the international community should stop supporting the terrorist organizations there; they should support the Libyan national army and work to unite its ranks as the president called.

“Libya is an extension to Egypt’s security. Members of the European Parliament were convinced that Egypt has a true role in achieving peace and unity in Libya,” He said.

Egypt prepares to resolve the issues in the Arab states

Abul-Enein said that the president met with Netanyahu for the Palestinian people and resolving the Palestinian issue, and achieve peace.

“The president prepares to resolve the Palestinian issue, to unite its parties.

“The Palestinian issue can’t be resolved without Egypt’s support and that Qatar can’t resolve the Arab issues.

 Sisi’s speeches give hope to the Arab people

Abul-Enein said that there are Media channels that don’t give the true image of Egypt and don’t display what’s really happening in Egypt. Some of them are believed to be paid from organizations; just to distort Egypt’s view for the western world.

“It is necessary to share the true image of Egypt and recognize the role of its armed forces. Abul-Enein stressed

 Al-Sisi presents Egypt perfectly, bureaucracy hinder his efforts

In the interview, Abul-Enein said that Egypt has political leadership that wants to present Egypt in the best image before the whole world.

“The administrative device of the country is Egypt’s image,” Abul-Enein said, expressing his sadness over bureaucracy, which hinders all the efforts exerted by the president for investment.

Optimistic for Industrial revival

Abul-Enein expressed his optimistic feeling for the Industrial revival and Sisi’s developmental way of thinking, wishing for industrial and agricultural development with new innovative ideas that could put Egypt among the leading and developed countries.

Senior officials should be responsible

IN The interview, Abul Enein called on officials and institutions’ heads to be more responsible in order to be able to make the right decisions.

Moreover, Abul Enein pointed out that there are senior officials who do not care about any progress in Egypt, yet their only desire is to protect themselves, without taking into account the disruption of investors, manufacturers, and citizens’ interests, which reflected negatively on the Egyptian economy.

Trump was clear about Iran and N.Korea threats

Abul Enein said that Trump’s word before UN General-Assembly reflected his concerns regarding the Iran’s nuclear threats.

Abul Enein added that Trump’s word about North Korea, claiming, “To totally destroy it” was too hard.

“Trump may mean to eliminate North Korea Nuclear threats, because it is difficult for someone to take a decision to destroy an entire state and its people”, He explained.

Moreover, Abul Enein pointed out that President Trump was able to accomplish huge economic achievements in a short period.

Egypt exerts a lot of efforts to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation

Regarding President Sisi’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Abul Enien said that Egypt has exerted a lot of efforts to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation.

He added that Sisi’s meeting with Netanyahu aimed at maximizing the opportunity for dialogue and negotiations on the Palestinian issue.

He also noted that Egypt has succeeded in carrying out its role towards the Palestinian issue, adding that President Sisi’s efforts confirmed that Egypt is committed to the Palestinian issue and will not abandon it at all.

Additionally, Abul Enein said that American people must truly recognize the countries that provide funding and safe harbor to terror groups.

He pointed out that the American people have false information about Qatar and terrorism because they rely on one source of information and this is very dangerous.

He explained that Al-Jazeera TV Channel broadcast lies and rumours about 25 January revolution, stressing that our political leadership is working to present Egypt in the best image.