In the presence of President El-Sisi, President Shinzo Abe and more than 50 African heads of state, Abou El-Enein develops a 7-step plan to bring about a powerful industrial awakening in Africa and celebrates the 25th anniversary of Cleopatra’s success in Japan

Speech of Mr. Abou El Enein at the TICAD Japan Public-Private Dialogue Session

  • Abou El-Enein invites African partners to contribute to financing giant projects in the continent.
  • Demands simulation of the Japanese experience in small and medium enterprises in Africa.
  • Invites African presidents and leaders to attend the opening of the Grand Museum next year.
  • Demands the implementation of the Japanese experience in education and the deployment of employment rehabilitation centers in Africa.
  • Tells the story of 25 years of Cleopatra Group’s success in the Japanese market.
  • Abu Al-Enein: Japan is the ideal partner for Africa and provided a role model in building modern nations.
  • Africa is moving forward and invites its partners to participate in a bright future of its people.
  • Vision 2063 for development in Africa mimics the renaissance that occurred in East Asian countries.
  • Africa has all the ingredients to achieve a comprehensive renaissance of the countries and peoples of the continent.
  • Africa possesses enormous natural resources and the world’s powers are racing to cooperate and invest in the continent.
  • The brown continent possesses tremendous wealth that represents the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Vision 2063 and the Continental Free Trade Agreement are evidence of Africa’s determination to achieve regional development and integration.
  • President El-Sisi is responsible for fulfilling the hopes of more than one billion and 200 million Africans.
  • El-Sisi presented 4 giant projects to advance the continent for the future of its children.
  • Cairo, Cape Town development corridor, navigational and electrical connectivity are the century projects in Africa.
  • The Industrial Revolution started in Africa and became the second largest sector that attracts investment.
  • Africa will become the next major industrial center in the world.
  • Preparing youth for the future and caring for women is the first path to a strong Africa.
  • The deployment of special economic zones and the localization of industry will change the face of Africa.

Prominent businessman Mohamed Abou El-Enein, President of the Arab Investors Union and Deputy Chairman of the Egyptian-Japanese Business Council, said that Africa has witnessed great boom since President Sisi took over the presidency of the African Union (AU).

Addressing the inaugural session of The Arab-Japan forum, Abou El-Enein underlined the importance of the 7th Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD7) recommendations and outcomes.

“Japanese Prime Minister (PM) speech before TICAD focused on achieving security and stability in the region through development and building,” he noted.

Moreover, President of the Arab Investors Union called for the establishment of new chambers of commerce and industry to maximize the benefit of cooperation with Japan, as well as launching new business council.

He also stressed the need to establish a specialized Japanese bank to provide financing for the region development, noting that all the possibilities are available.


Egyptian TV interview with Abou El Enein on his participation in TICAD 7 conference held in Japan

The prominent businessman praised the seriousness and accuracy of the Japanese government in implementing the proposed programs, stressing that Tokyo will develop executive programs for cooperation with the region through large-scale projects in economic zones of special nature.

Noteworthy, Abou El-Enein attended “Public-Private Business Dialogue” forum held on the sidelines of the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7).

In his word before the forum, he stressed that African countries are encouraging investment in infrastructure, transport networks, energy, and internet, establishing free economic zones, and liberating trade as a way to give a strong impetus to industry, which represents Africa’s future.

He stressed that the Arab youth are capable of accomplishing the fourth industrial revolution, pointing out that the Arab countries youth are able to keep pace with and achieve the required technological transformation through making use of the wonderful Japanese experience.

He added that the Arab countries could make an economic boom, especially in light of the huge amount of natural resources available in most of the Arab League member states, in addition to the land and agricultural resources.

He pointed out to his presence in the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, noting that Africa is home to one billion and 200 million people, and has an animal wealth estimated at 600 million cattle.

The President of the Arab Investors Union stressed in his speech that the Japanese government is serious in cooperation with our Arab countries, pointing to the specific programs of the Japanese government to make use of the available resources to promote the Arab industry.