During his participation in the meetings of the United Nations, Abul-Enein presented a video about the sacrifices and tournaments of the armed forces in Sinai. He stressed that Egypt is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.

During his participation United Nations meetings, Abou El Enein said the following:

  • Egypt fights terrorism on behalf of the world.
  • He praised the role of Al-Azhar in defending Islam and countering extremist ideology.
  • Egypt regains its regional role and the world must support its efforts to resolve the crises of the region.
  • Egypt is rebuilding itself. There is a huge demand for investment in it.

Mr. Abul-Enein, Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, praised the historic role of the armed forces in their war on terrorism in defense of Egypt’s security and world security, stressing that Egypt has defeated terrorism and our armed forces succeeded in besieging it in a small spot.

This came during a meeting between. Abu El-Enein and the high-level delegation of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament on Tuesday evening with Murad Wahba, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director of the United Nations Development Program.

During the meeting, Abul-Enein presented a video showing some the Armed Forces’ tournaments and its success in defeating terrorism in Sinai, pointing out that it has succeeded in thwarting the plot of terrorist groups to turn Sinai into a new Tora Bora to be used by terrorists and mercenaries to attack the countries of the region and the world.

The honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament stressed that Egypt is fighting terrorism in defense of ideals and values ​​and that it has not waited for a price to change the course of the region and to drop a plan aimed at the domination of terror groups to all Arab countries. He called on the world to support the Egyptian role and adopt a comprehensive vision presented by the President of the Sisi to eradicate terrorist organizations. This vision should be based on intellectual, economic and security confrontation, strengthening the national institutions of the state and establishing a full citizenship state.

Abul-Enein presented Egypt’s unique experience through the National Youth Conferences led by President Sisi, which aims at empowering young people and integrating them into decision-making bodies, making them the biggest weapons to confront extremism rather than being the most vulnerable to it.

He referred to the president’s courageous call to renew the religious discourse, praising Al-Azhar’s response to this initiative and its defending to Islam in the face of those who attack and distort Islam.

He pointed out that Al-Azhar used modern technologies, the Internet and means of social communication in order to confront the ideology of extremism through the Al-Azhar Observatory.

Abul-Enein talked about Egypt’s restoration of its pivotal role in the region and the realization that Egypt’s role is indispensable and that it must be heard to solve the regional crises in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine.

He pointed out that Egypt has no goal but to achieve the interest of the people and ensure the security and stability of the region on sound foundations, and it does not take sides at the expense of another on sectarian or ethnic grounds.

Abul-Enein presented Egypt’s vision to solve the crises of the region based on specific principles, namely, preserving the concept, entity and institutions of the national state, as well as its unity and territorial integrity, and the priority of political solution and dialogue between the various parties, pointing out the successes achieved by Egypt in Libya, and its continued efforts in Iraq and Yemen.

He stressed that Egypt is rebuilding itself politically and economically, and has been able to put its economy on the right path to achieve the economic start. It is also carrying out a comprehensive renovation of its infrastructure and launched a package of national projects to exploit Egypt’s potential and unique geographical location.

He added that the investment climate in Egypt has improved significantly, thanks to the policies and legislations adopted by the state during the past three years. There is a great desire from local and international companies to increase their investments. He called on the international community to support Egypt’s development efforts.