MEP to Abou El Enein: Egypt recovered from extremism

Peter van Dalen, member of the Conservatives and Reformists group in the European Parliament, expressed his deep knowledge and incredible passion for Egypt, pointing out he had already visited Egypt seven times before.

During a dinner hosted by President of the Egyptian European Council, Mohamed Abou El-Enein, van Dalen said he has two reasons for his deep love for Egypt, firstly, he has many friends here, and secondly, he loves the Egyptian people.

“They are generous, kind, hospitable and open-minded،” van Dalen said, adding, “These matters represent the real power lies within Egypt, as well as the Egyptian food that I love most.”

“Every time I return to my country my wife asks me ‘how much kilos have you gained?! And this time I will tell her that I have gained some”.

The MEP said that he had visited Egypt after the revolution when Egypt was recovering from “darkness, extremism and sorrow.”

“What I’m seeing now is the country trying to recover with an open society and open dialogue. It really pleases me to return to Egypt for the seventh time and witness these developments.

He called President Sisi as “a man with an open mind”, adding that President Sisi wants to share their mutual values, especially the friendship values, that’s why he hopes to come back and visit Egypt for the eighth time.