Nation’s Future Party Organizes Conf. to Support Abou El Enein’s Candidacy

Nation’s Future Party is set to organize a huge conference for Parliamentary Candidate Mohamed Abou El Enein in preparation the upcoming complementary elections scheduled to be held on the 11th and 12th of February in the Giza District.

The conference is set to take place in the El-Bahr El-Azam street next to The Water Station at 3:0 PM on Saturday with all Giza residents being invited to attend.

Over the past couple of days, Abou El Enein toured Giza’s cities where he was met warmly by thousands of it’s residents who he considers as a family.

The Cleopatra Group founder holds the number four card in the elections and adopts the pen symbol.

Expressing his gratitude for their great support, Abou El Enein said that he is extremely happy with the love he received from his people, promising them that he will do his best to fulfil all their hopes.

Abou El Enein added that the residents of Giza have always been loyal to him and that he will forever be grateful of the trust they bestowed upon him.

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