Landslide Victory: Abou El-Enein Wins Giza Parliamentary Elections 2020

The General Committee in Giza Governorate announced on Monday the results of the parliamentary elections for the first constituency.

 The head of the Committee said that the total number of votes reached 653,554 votes, the total number of voters who cast their ballots is 17,4621, the invalid votes reached 19,315, while the correct votes are up to 155,306.Prominent businessman Mohamed Aboul Enein won 125,758 votes occupying the first rank followed by candidate Zaki Abd al-Zahir who won 83,995 votes.

Here are the results in numbers:

Mohamed Aboul Enein: 125,758

Zaki Abd al-Zahir: 83,995

Montaser Riad Hajaj: 29,487

Abdul Rahim Ali: 19,756

Ahmed Mortada Mansour:  16,613