Female Voter: Abou El-Enein’s Door Always Open to Giza Residents

A female voter said Saturday that she cast her vote in order that her voice could be heard in the upcoming House of Representatives 2020, indicating that her voice went for candidate Mohamed Abou El-Enein.

The 53-year-old housewife told SEE News that she is not interested in politics, but she preferred to take part in the elections so that she can feel satisfied.

“I voted for Eng. Abou El-Enein because I know he will serve his constituency’s people more and more,” Ayat added.

The first stage of the parliamentary elections kicked off today, Saturday, in some Egyptian governorates.

The parliamentary elections’ first stage’s governorates are getting prepared to conduct the voting process.

The National Elections Authority coordinates with the relevant government authorities to secure the election process, transfer ballot boxes and judicial supervision.