The families of the martyrs of the second massacre of Rafah thank Abou El-Enein for the Umrah trips

The families of the martyrs of the second Rafah massacre thanked the businessman Mohammed Abou El-Enein after promising his Amrah trip to 51 families while hosting them in a previous episode following the execution of the terrorist Adel Habara.

The businessman, Mohammed Abou El-Enein, the honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, decided to give 50 Umrah visas to the people of the second Rafah massacre.

It was also decided that the only survivor of the massacre was the Umrah trip, bringing the number of visas to 51.

During his program, Ali Al-Mashali, he said that Umrah visas will be for the father and mother of each martyr, as a gift from Abou El-Enein and in honor of the families of the heroes and the martyrs of the homeland.

Mousa thanked the humane touch of businessman Mohammed Abou El-Enein, Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, saying: “The esteemed man who offered the least possible to the families of heroes.