Egyptians in Austria Support Candidacy of Abou El Enein for HOR . . Egyptian Expats in Germany Announce Support for Abou El-Enein

The General Union of Egyptians (GUE) in Austria, headed by Eng. Hossam Bazina, announced its support for the candidacy of the leading businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein to the House of Representatives (HOR) in the by-election scheduled for the first half of next month.

Bahgat Al Obaidi,a columnist based in Austria and Vice President of the union, said that businessman Abou El Enein possesses a wide parliamentary experience that qualifies him to carry out his duties to the fullest.

Al Obaidi added that anyone who follows closely the activity of the business magnate Abou El Enein finds clearly that the man is a real addition to the Egyptian parliament as he also possesses many life experiences.

Al Obaidi praised Aboul Enein for his prominent and distinguished experiments in the fields of industry and economy that make him the best candidate to occupy the highest positions in both of the fields.

Al Obaidi emphasized that Abou El Enein is the best representative of not only the people of his constituency but also the larger segment of the Egyptian people through the specific committees in Parliament, especially in the economic or industry ones,because of his accumulative experience.

The vice-president of the General Union of Egyptians in Austria appealed to the electors of the constituency to vote for Abou El Enein.

On the other hand, Magdi Ghazi,Chairman of the Public Authority of Industrial Development said that Egypt Economic Summit held last November is about to start the fourth industrial revolution preparations.

He pointed out that Egypt constructs more projects of the infrastructure to furnish industrial zones to set industries able to attain industrial development.

Ghazi assured over Nov.12   sitting of Egypt Economic Summit, chaired by Mohamed Abou El Enein, Business magnate and prominent industrialist, that since three years, the Egyptian government has concentrated on upgrading the infrastructure such as electricity grids and roads networks.

Also the government has amended legislation to get rid of laws that may hinder proper decisions in investment in Egypt.

Egyptian Expats in Germany Announce Support for Abou El-Enein

The Egyptian Family House in Germany, led by Mr. Alaa Thabet announced their support for prominent businessman and Cleopatra Group founder Mohamed Abou El Enein in the upcoming complementary parliament elections which are scheduled to take place on the 7-8th of February 2020.

Thabet said that Abou El Enein will provide the needed support for his fellow residents within the Giza district, claiming that his parliamentary duties never got in the way of serving them.

The Egyptian Family House president also called for the citizens to go to the ballots to support Abou El Enein, who he thinks is the right choice in the coming period.

Earlier this week, thousands of Giza Residents rallied to express their love and support to upcoming parliamentary candidate Mohamed Abou El Enein. The Cleopatra Group founder holds the number four card in the elections and adopts the pen symbol.

Prominent businessman and former parliamentarian Abou El Enein played prominent diplomatic and legislative roles over the years, which accumulated in his election as head of the Mediterranean Parliament, in appreciation for his political, social and economic decisions over the years.