Aboul Enein: Scientific Research Is ‘National Security Issue’

On Tuesday, Parliament Deputy Speaker MP Mohammed Aboul Enein said that scientific research is a ‘national security issue’,.

Addressing Parliament plenary session in the presence of Higher Education Minister Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, Aboul Enein added that Egypt ranks 92 out of 129 among the list of countries with the highest number of scientific papers, noting that this matter needs a study and action plan to develop a solution for this problem.

He also called for the necessity of specialized research centers in universities for creative people, “so that they would not travel abroad.”

Moreover, the lawmaker pointed out that King Salman University adopts a modern method in selecting applicants through aptitude tests, wondering whether public universities would adopt this modern system?

Parliament deputy speaker stressed the need to link scientific research with the environment, and society, underling the importance to increase rewards’ value for innovators in universities.