Abou El-Enein Praises Development in Egypt`s Modern Irrigation

Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohammed Abou El-Enein praised on Sunday the Egyptian achievements in the field of modern irrigation.

Speaking during the parliament plenary session, Abou El-Enein said: “Every day we witness new achievements at home and abroad. We are proud of the scientific and technological development in the field of modern irrigation.”

During a session explaining the achievements of the Minister of Irrigation, Abou El-Enein added: “I traveled a lot abroad and found that the truth did not reach the others, and we were unable to form a supportive and pressure lobby in the decision-making centers.”

The parliament deputy speaker stated: “I cocluded this through the sessions I attended at the United Nations, the Pentagon, and the White House. There are those affected by the erroneous campaign carried out by Ethiopia and when we were talking with them they were convinced of the fairness of the Egyptian cause.

 He confirmed that those who understand the issue closely, sympathize with the Egyptian position. “We must have a new marketing plan and we should dialogue with the international community and the European Union in a new language.”

He went on saying: “There are those who imagine that we are wasting water and they have no knowledge of the plans made by the Egyptian state to rationalize water consumption. They do not know that there will be water scarcity if we do not compare Egypt’s share of water with the population.

“We are waiting for what will happen during the next stage… we call for dialogue with all friends around the world, whether the American administration, China, Africa, and other countries of the world. We should provide the international community with accurate information on this issue,” the parliament deputy speaker added.