Abou El-Enein to Pay Construction Reconciliation Fees for 5,000 Families

Governor of Giza Ahmed Rashid and MP Engineer Mohamed Abou El-Enein yesterday discussed the details of the prominent legislator’s initiative for paying the value of the reconciliation of construction violations for 5,000 families in Giza Governorate.

MP Abou El-Enein, chairman of the Cleopatra Group, had announced earlier that he would pay the costs of reconciliation of construction violations for the low-income families from Giza Governorate.

Abou El-Enein assured the Governor of Giza that the initiative will include the most needy and most vulnerable families who cannot bear financial burdens and cannot pay the value of violations, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Giza governorate and according to the data they have registered.

Abou El-Enein added that he discussed with Mr. Rashid the formation of a joint committee to discuss the cases that deserve to benefit from the initiative and start implementation as soon as possible, in order to complete the corrective measures to preserve the state’s right and the agricultural area.

 MP Abou El-Enein thanked the Governor of Giza for the fruitful, extended cooperation, and the hard work to provide services to the citizens of Giza to facilitate procedures for reconciliation and the application of the law in a manner that preserves the right of the state and the citizen.

On his part, the Governor of Giza appreciated Abou El-Enein’s initiative aimed at lifting the burdens on 5 thousand families from Giza Governorate, praising his great contributions in helping and supporting the citizens of the governorate.

Abou El-Enein emphasized that his decision comes for his solid conviction in societal and national responsibility, and stems from his love and affiliation to the people of Giza with whom he lived and raised, promising never to hesitate in serving the people of Giza Governorate and stand by them, whatever was the cost.

The initiative also comes in response to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s call to contribute to easing the burden on those who are unable to pay, and to relieve the shoulders of the incapable families of the people of the governorate Giza.