Abou El-Enein urges to raise fund to back Jerusalem

The Honorary President of Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) Mohamed Abou El-Enein highlighted on Thursday the Palestinian cause as a crucial issue, stressing that Egypt is striving at all levels to liberate Jerusalem from the Israeli occupation.

On the sidelines Al-Azhar International Conference to back Jerusalem as the main capital of occupied Palestine currently held in Cairo, Abou El-Enein said in remarks that Jerusalem is a religious and political issue and it is part of our Muslim and Arab identity.

Abou El-Enein asserted the need to support the Palestinians, and provide funds and all forms of support to back Jerusalem.

He pointed out that backing Jerusalem is a duty, because it is part of our Arabism and Islamic faith, as Al-Aqsa was the first Muslim qibla.

Abou El-Enein slammed the current Israeli occupation to the Palestinian territories as “painful,” calling for unity to support the Palestinian cause and convey our views to the whole world.

He stressed that participation in such event is strong evidence over the consensus to back Jerusalem.

The prominent businessman made it clear that that he is ready to lose his money for liberating Jerusalem, pointing out that such holy sites are priceless.

Abou El-Enein said that he expects that Al-Azhar’s conference would be the spark for a worldwide revolution calling for free Palestine.

He remarked that now is the time to reclaim our rights.

“The time has come to plan for it adequately; as the Grand Imam (of Al-Azhar) said,” he said, adding “no one can defeat us, but we are the ones who have defeated ourselves with our wrong plans.”

He called on the international community to act quickly and to pressure Israel to retract its policies over Jerusalem.

Abou El-Enein participated in Al Azhar’s two-day international conference, which ran on January 17-18, for backing Jerusalem as the proposed capital of Palestine.

Al Azhar invited scholars and politicians, Islamic and Christian leaders, and regional and international organisations concerned with the Jerusalem case. The conference discussed several working papers on 3 main points under its theme “The Arabian Identity of Jerusalem and its Message.”

The conference was set to issue several recommendations emphasising the Palestinian people’s rights in establishing their state with Jerusalem as its capital, and also to protect sacred areas in the city.