Abou El-Enein praises stable economic conditions in Egypt

TV anchor Ahmed Moussa shed light on the speech of Parliament deputy speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein during the plenary session of the parliament on Sunday.

While discussing the final account report of the General Budget 2019/2020, Abou El-Enein hailed the stable economic conditions in Egypt, saying that many people buy bonds thanks to the stable economic conditions.

 He added: “We are facing a pandemic that will have major effects in many countries, but we are much better than others.”

The Parliament deputy speaker stressed the need to pay attention to industry and rely primarily on technology in order to achieve the added value.

Abou El-Enein also said that the industrial development should be one of the most important programs in the coming period, stressing the importance of reducing the burden of public debt on citizens.

He expressed appreciation for the parliament’s planning and budget committee for its efforts in discussing the state’s general budget, he also thanked members of Parliament for their evaluation of the budget and praised the role played by the Central Auditing Organization in the evaluation and follow-up.