Abou El-Enein during his participation in the International Media Conference: No one can fool the people The Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean presents important recommendations for the advancement of industry, most notably the call for taxes on social media advertising

Abou El-Enein in the International scientific conference in Faculty of Mass Communication

  • Media Industry is in the third place after weapons and chemicals.
  • Sheikh El-Tayeb meeting with the Pope is a historic event.
  • I call for social media taxes.
  • We look forward to economic growth so that the media can thrive.


Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean، and Chairman of the Egyptian-European Business Council، Prominent Businessman، Mohamed Abou El-Enein said that Media ranked the 3rd industry following the weapons and chemicals ones.

In his word before the 25th int’l scientific conference، organized by Mass communication Faculty، Cairo University، Abou El-Enein added that Media shapes minds، and threatens the state’s security.

In 2011, Media reflected Egypt in the worst image ever through false news and wrong ideas، yet June 30 revolution managed to correct media system، Abou El-Enein image of Egypt to the whole world.


“Media flourish will not be achieved except by the economic growth”، Abou El-Enein confirmed, noting “We need influential Arab TV Channels to promote Media industry”.

The activities of the 25th international scientific conference، organized by Mass communication faculty، Cairo University، at Movenpick Hotel in Media Production City، kicked off earlier Wednesday، in the presence of Cleopatra Group Chairman، Prominent businessman، Mohamed Abou El-Enein ، the official sponsor of the conference.


The two-day conference entitled “Media industry in light of technological and investment’s opportunities and challenges “، is being held under the patronage of Cairo University President، Dr. Mohamed Othman Al-Khasht، the Conference head، and the Dean of Mass Communication faculty، Dr. Heba Al-Semary and the Secretary General of the Conference، Dr. Hwaida Moustafa.