Abou El-Enein: Medical Teams Who Died Should be Treated as Martyrs

MP, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Abou El-Enein called upon authorities to consider the medical teams who died due to the Coronavirus pandemic as martyrs, calling on Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin Al-Kabbaj to propose this matter.

His remarks came following the statement of the Minister of Social Solidarity during the plenary session of Parliament, where he stressed the need to support medical teams fighting in the front lines the pandemic.

In a different context, Abou El-Enein called for the necessity of reconsidering the pension age for farmers, to be calculated after 65 years, for the current one deprives them of 5 years in work.

The MP continued: “This group must be supported, especially since we know the importance of their role, as well as the extent of their suffering,” calling at the same time to make good use of the pension funds and to preserve them.

Abou El-Enein noted that Egypt has nearly 55 thousand civil associations, stressing the need for coordination between these societies and evaluating their work on an up-to-date basis to distribute charitable work to provide the best in the coming period.