Abou El-Enein Greets Egyptians on Occasion of 6th of October Triumph

Cleopatra Group Founder Mohamed Abou El-Enein congratulated the Arab nation on the 47th anniversary of the 6th of October War victory, saying: “The memory of October 6, 73 is a precious memory engraved in our hearts.”

Abou El-Enein Celebrates 6th of October

Abou El-Enein added that this anniversary marks the memory of victory, pride, restoration of honor and dignity, commenting: “Restoring honor was a dear wish and cost us our martyrs.”

Abou El-Enein also paid a special salute to the late President Anwar Sadat and everyone who participated in the great victory, and to all those who are currently taking part in building modern Egypt and defying all difficulties from inside and outside.
He thanked all those who defended the homeland and liberated the lands of Sinai from the clutches of terrorism in the past period, and extended special thanks and greetings to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who is building modern Egypt and carrying out a comprehensive development revolution in the country.He explained that the political leadership, the army and the people complete the path of construction and development, and they are the ones who kept the people’s revolution on June 30.