Abou El Enein: It Is a Great Honor to Stand Behind Our Country

Success does not come by chance, but as a result of enduring effort, thought, and enlightened mindset… This is what distinguishes prominent, Egyptian businessman and MP Mohammed Abou El Enein.

His life is a long chain of success and a challenging journey for an Egyptian youth from a middle-class family who managed to reach the utmost fame. His name is engraved with letters of light in the world economic record.

Abou El Enein is a high- profile industrialist with a great economic mindset… The founder of the “Cleopatra” group, which is considered one of the 4 most important industrial and economic edifices in the whole world…His products are exported to more than 110 countries around the world.

He also won dozens of international awards from Japan, America, and Italy.

Abou El Enein is a prominent politician and a patriotic man.. When it comes to Egypt, you find him in the first rows as a fighter, warrior and defender, sacrificing his life for the sake of his homeland.

Lately, he donated EGP 78 million to back the state’s efforts in confronting emerging coronavirus crisis.

Egyptian magazine “The Economist” managed to get close and personal with Abou El Enein in an exclusive interview.

Cleopatra Group’s precautionary measures in light of COVID-19 outbreak.

“When our homeland faces a crisis, we all have to join hands to overcome it,” Abou El Enein said. “it is a national duty and great honor”.

The business tycoon added that in response to COVID-19 pandemic, Ceramica Cleopatra group has taken more than 20 precautionary measures to combat the dreaded virus including 50% reduction in workforce, giving workers full-paid rotating leaves in order to protect them.

“Workers are the real capital of any company, and their lives should not be endangered or exposed to any kind of risks” Abou El Enein stressed.

Moreover, the businessman confirmed that Cleopatra Group has committed to maintaining the salaries of more than 25 thousand workers in the group’s tourist, industrial, agricultural and media projects, despite the negative repercussion of the recent crisis on the economy and tourism sectors, noting that the salaries of workers exceed EGP 50 million per month.

Abou El Enein donates EGP 78 million to back anti-corona efforts

In light of the recent crisis, the prominent businessman has reviewed ceramic Cleopatra group’s contributions to back the state efforts in the fight against COVID-19, which amounted to EGP 78 million.

Abou El Enein explained that these contributions included a donation of EGP 25 million for the “Long Live Egypt” fund to support anti-Coronavirus efforts.

He also added that Ceramica Cleopatra Group, under the auspices of the Third Army field command, raised the efficiency, developed and renovated Al-Sabah Hospital in Suez, at a cost of EGP 24 million, to be ready for use at any time by the Ministry of Health as a quarantine hospital.

Abou El Enein added that his group also help in providing hospitals with the medical kits needed to care for Coronavirus patients at a cost of EGP 3.3 million.

Medical contributions

The medical contributions include a fully equipped isolation unit for 10 families, an intensive care unit for Coronavirus patients equipped with artificial respiration devices.

The installation and operation of 9 monitoring devices, 9 solutions syringes, and a vinyl floor for the intensive care unit of Imbaba Fever Hospital in Giza.

Providing new medical devices for Sohag university hospital, in addition to 3 artificial respiration devices for intensive care unit, 10 laryngoscopes, 10 monitors, 10 syringes and solutions in Al-Ahrar Hospital in Zagazig, along with 4 oxygen sensors, a Lung test, and 6 batteries for artificial respiration devices in Qeft Hospital in Qena.

Abou El Enein charitable foundation

Moreover, he added that “Abou El Enein charitable foundation” organized several convoys for many governorates, and distributed 150,000 bags of foodstuffs to the most-needy families, villages that witnessed health isolation, and those affected by the Coronavirus, and the bad weather wave at a cost of EGP 25 million.

He also noted that comprehensive campaigns are being launched to sterilize and disinfect all the streets, installations, mosques, churches, post offices and schools of the South Giza neighborhood at a cost of EGP 1 million.