Abou El Enein Grants Cleopatra Factories’Workers Additional Bonuses

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cleopatra Group and Business Tycoon Mohamed Abou El Enein decided on Tuesday to grant all the workers at all Cleopatra factories bonuses -additional to periodical allowance- as of March 2020.

Abou El Enein granted all the workers an annual periodical allowance based on the wage insurance as of December 2019 as well as providing living expenses allowance for the workers of Ceramica Cleopatra Al Ain Sokhna factory as of March 2020.

Abou El Enein’s decisions come as part of his keenness on giving special privileges for his workers at Cleopatra factories in light of the critical circumstances which Egypt and the world face because of the coronavirus outbreak and its impacts on the industry.

The founder of the Cleopatra group pays great attention to the human factor,therefore,the decisions aim to improve the workers’incomes and achieve their satisfaction to increase productivity.

He said in a statement that he is always keen on giving additional gains for his workers,describing them as the real capital of his group and the pioneering workers in the ceramic and porcelain industry in Egypt and the Middle East.

He expressed his pride in his loyal workers at Cleopatra factories.

Meanwhile,the workers thanked the prominent businessman for his stances since the establishment of Cleopatra Group in the 80s, expressing their happiness for the recent decisions.

They stressed that Abou El Enein is a role model for the successful businessmen in Egypt and the world,promising that they would exert more efforts to maintain Cleopatra’s successes over the past years.